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Carrier HVAC Rowlett

Metro Air Conditioning provides professional Carrier® HVAC units and services for residents desiring fast and affordable HVAC replacement or new installation in Rowlett. Carrier® HVAC units have become an essential part of countless homes and there are a variety of air conditioning units available on the market for different prices, serving different purposes and underneath different HVAC system brands.

Correct installation of Carrier® HVAC units is very important, as it has a significant bearing on the actual effect of the air conditioner. Wrong installation can lead to high power bills, inadequate cooling air circulation, as well as maintenance issues. Many studies have proven that air conditioning units that are improperly installed reduce its potential and effectiveness by more than 20 %. Improper air flow problems are another common problem with improper air conditioner installation. In fact, proper Carrier ac unit installation is one of the many elements needed to maintain a cost-effective, effective and comfy cooling system.

Metro Air Conditioning provides professional Carrier® AC unit installations in Rowlett. Please contact us at 972.996.5228 as soon as possible.

Carrier® Heating & AC Installation in Rowlett, Texas

Carrier HVAC Installation Rowlett

Here at Metro Air Conditioning we not only provide Carrier® HVAC units, we also offer full Carrier® heating & AC installation. Setting up a Carrier® furnace isn't anything for the typical do-it-yourself-er. It may appear to be something that wouldn't take long, but it could possibly take two techs an entire 8 hour day to get rid of an existing heater installation and put in a brand new one, which includes ventilation, water drainage, electrical hook up, fuel hookup, and so on. With regards to installation, you have to be sure you have a very solid, skilled, reputable installation technician. While you could have a top quality furnace, if it wasn't set up properly you will have bad performance with time. With regards to guarantees, most furnaces are often guaranteed for five years for all components, with a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee concerning the heat exchanger.

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We have used Metro Air Conditioning for many years......they are honest, and do a super job with their HVAC service.
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